Smart Lookup

Word 2016 provides a research tool in the form of Smart Lookup. You can find information about a word or phrase by selecting it in your document and then by right clicking on the selection. Then select Smart Lookup.

Smart Lookup

The first time you use Smart Lookup, you will see a warning that Word sends data in your document to Bing (Microsoft’s search engine), and a recommendation to read the privacy statement.

Insights Got It

Once you have, click Got it! and then the Insights panel will display a list of resources from Wikipedia and Bing that are about your selected word or phrase.

Insights Panel In Word 2016

If you click on a link for a particular resource, your internet browser will open to display that web page. The Insights panel opens on the Explore tab by default, and that’s where the Wikipedia and Bing results appear, but there is also a Define tab too. Click on the Define tab to display a definition of your word or phrase.

Once finished, you can close down the Insights panel by clicking the “X” in the top right corner.