Stop Windows 10 Update

You may have noticed the new Windows 10 virus that has manifested itself on your taskbar.

Windows 10 Icon

If only the appearance of this innocuous icon was the extent of the intrusion. It is not. With no action on your part, you will be bombarded with messages to upgrade to Windows 10.

However, there is a non technical way to stop the Windows 10 Update Virus. Maybe virus is a little inaccurate, and incessant nagging is more appropriate. But you know what I mean. Every time you log on you get harassed by ‘invitations’ to download and install Windows 10. That you can’t turn off. Even though it’s your computer that is being hijacked.

Get Windows 10
How many times have you seen this?


Hide Windows 10 Upgrade Nag

If you see the Windows 10 icon in the taskbar on your computer, click on the Show hidden icons button (the up arrow in the taskbar), and then click Customise.

Customise Icons

When the Notification Area Icons window opens, find the GWX one. Oddly, it appears at the top of the list for us. Click on the Behaviours dropdown selector and choose Hide icon and notifications. Click OK to save the changes and close down the window.

Now the Windows 10 icon will disappear from the taskbar and the nagging will cease. You should only see the icon when you click on the Show hidden icons button in the taskbar.

Windows 10 Relegated