Office 2016 Is Released

In the last few days, Microsoft released the new version of their office suite: Office 2016. We have bought it, installed it and we are ready to go. The big difference for us, right from the get go, is the payment method. It’s a subscription model, and we chose to buy a yearly subscription. You can pay monthly though, if you prefer.

Installing Office 2016

It took around 10 minutes to install the software. If you have any Office applications open while installing the new version, you will be politely asked to save your work and close them.

Office 2016 Closing Apps


Unfortunately, after the install, we found that our installation of Office 2013 had vanished, being replaced by Word 2016. That’s all fine and dandy, but what if we need to create some tutorials for Word 2013? We didn’t ask for Word 2013 to be uninstalled! The cheek. Once more Microsoft take control of our affairs.

Office Is Installed

Anyway, given that this is a website devoted to learning how to use Microsoft Word, find out what’s new in Word 2016 (coming soon).

Second Attempt At Installing Office 2016 Preview

After seeing this new entry on my Microsoft Office downloads page:

New Office 2016 DownloadI decided to have another attempt at installing the Office 2016 Preview. I downloaded the new (was it new) build of the preview, I followed the install instructions, but this time receieved this error:

Something Went Wrong

Another gem from Microsoft. Something went wrong. The very definition of descriptive error text. And to provide a second level of detail: “Sorry, we ran into a problem”.

It’s annoying enough that Microsoft can’t get the install program right, without being confronted by useless error messages like this.

Oh well, at some point I will be able to install this damn program, I’m sure!

Installing The Office 2016 Technical Preview

If you are one of the “lucky” people to download the Office 2016 Technical Preview, don’t fret about the long install times. Personally, it took me 20 minutes to complete the installation. All the while there was an MS-DOS prompt in the background and I was too scared to close it down!

Note: when installing the preview, don’t click the setup.exe program in the main folder. This is a trick. Microsoft understand the temptation to click files called install.exe and setup.exe and took full advantage of our psychological weakness. Instead, you need to open your language folder and double click on the .bat file for the product you want to install.