IAStorIcon Has Stopped Working

Many people receive the error IAStorIcon Has Stopped Working when their computers start up. Usually there are no other symptoms, so once you close down the error dialog everything seems to work as normal. This leads sufferers to just put up with the problem and not resolve it. However, there is actually a quick and easy solution to this minor irritation. Continue reading IAStorIcon Has Stopped Working

Second Attempt At Installing Office 2016 Preview

After seeing this new entry on my Microsoft Office downloads page:

New Office 2016 DownloadI decided to have another attempt at installing the Office 2016 Preview. I downloaded the new (was it new) build of the preview, I followed the install instructions, but this time receieved this error:

Something Went Wrong

Another gem from Microsoft. Something went wrong. The very definition of descriptive error text. And to provide a second level of detail: “Sorry, we ran into a problem”.

It’s annoying enough that Microsoft can’t get the install program right, without being confronted by useless error messages like this.

Oh well, at some point I will be able to install this damn program, I’m sure!