Word 2016 Clipboard

The Microsoft Office Clipboard records all text and graphical items you have copied in your current Microsoft Word (or indeed, any Office program) session. We say “all” but there is a limit that is currently set to 24 items. You can see these copied items in the Clipboard panel that appears to the left of the Word 2016 workspace.

The Clipboard Panel

You can open the Clipboard panel by clicking on its launcher in the Clipboard group on the Home tab.
Clipboard Launcher

When you do, you will see the current contents of your clipboard (i.e. the last thing you copied). Whenever you copy some new selection of text or an image, it will be added to the top of the list. It’s not just items you copy in your Office programs that get copied; text and images from a web page, for example, will appear in the list if you copy them.

Clipboard Panel Word

You might be wondering what use a list of recently copied items is. Well, the magic hapens when you click on an item in the list. When you do, it gets pasted into your document where your cursor is positioned.

The Clipboard panel in Word 2016 can speed up your work flow dramatically. Imagine that you are composing a document with lots of images from a web page (all copyright concerns attended to, of course). Ordinarily, you might go to the web page and copy the image, switch back to your word document to paste the image, and then keep toggling between web page and document, copying in one and pasting in the other. A lot of time is wasted toggling between the two applications. Instead, with Word open, you could go to the web page – and stay on the web page while you copy all the images in one go. Your collection of copied images will grow in Word’s Clipboard panel with each copy.

Clipboard Panel In Word

When you have copied all the images you need, start working in your Word document. Place the cursor where the first image needs to go, and then click on it in the Clipboard panel to paste it in. Do the same with the next image and then the remaining ones. Much quicker!

Each time you add a new item to your Clipboard list, Word provides a message in a small notice area in the bottom right of the workspace, to let you know how many items have been added out of your allotted 24.

Clipboard Notice

Also, sometimes the item you attempt to copy will be larger than the clipboard capacity. In this case, Word will tell you using this notice area.