IAStorIcon Has Stopped Working

Many people receive the error IAStorIcon Has Stopped Working when their computers start up. Usually there are no other symptoms, so once you close down the error dialog everything seems to work as normal. This leads sufferers to just put up with the problem and not resolve it. However, there is actually a quick and easy solution to this minor irritation.

IAStorIcon(.exe) is associated with Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRRT). Basically, IIRT’s purpose is to enable your computer to perform more quickly. If you are receiving the IAStorIcon Has Stopped Working error, it’s likely that your computer needs an up to date version of a particular IIRT driver. Don’t worry if this means nothing to you. If you install and run Intel’s Driver Update utility, the appropriate driver will be identified and downloaded automatically.

We had the problem ourselves and had to install and run the above utility. It didn’t take long to do so, and when we restarted our office computer, the problem disappeared.