Word 2016 – Tell Me Tool

One of the new features introduced in Word 2016 is the Tell Me Tool. If you need to perform a particular task, but you don’t know how to, you can type words or phrases related to your task into the Tell Me tool. This new tool can be found in the ribbon, whichever tab you are on.

Tell Me Tool

When you start typing, Word suggests commands that are related to your keyword. For example, when you type “theme”, Word will suggest the following:

Tell Me Tool Suggest

Clicking on something like Options, will open up the Word Options window directly, whereas hovering over Theme Effects will display a sub menu.

Sometimes you can access the command you need immediately. For example, if you type in “watermark” and press Enter, the Watermark window opens.

The Tell Me Tool also provides help about what you’re searching for.

The Tell Me Tool also has a “Recently Used” facility that is designed to display recent queries you made in this tool, but when we used it, it had no memory of them. See me after school Microsoft!

The new Tell Me Tool is better than Word’s help system, as it opens up the options you need to use as you type, instead of merely telling you where they are located.

The Tell Me Tool is context sensitive. If, for example, you have your cursor positioned in a paragraph of text and you type “insert row” into the tool, Word displays “Insert Rows Below” as an option. However, it is greyed out because you wouldn’t be able to use this option unless the cursor was located within a table.

Tell Me Tool Suggest

There is a keyboard shortcut that will position your cursor in the Tell Me Tool’s search box: alt + q.