Word 2016 Add A Digital Signature

How To Add A Digital Signature In Word 2016

When you sign a signature line in Word, you add a visible representation of your signature and a digital signature. To add a digital signature line to your document, place the cursor where you want your signature to go. Go to the Insert tab and in the Text group click Signature Line. If you click the down arrow to the right of the Signature Line button, be sure to select Microsoft Office Signature Line.

Signature Setup

In the Signature Setup window that appears, type in the text that you would like to appear beneath the signature line:

  • Suggested signer - this is the name of the person signing the document.
  • Suggested signer's title - if the signer has a title, like Dr or Ms. etc., then enter it here.
  • Suggested signer's email address - if required, you can enter the email address of the signer.
  • Instructions to the signer - if you want to give some instructions to the signer, type them here. There is some example text in the window that you can blank out if you want it removed.

There are additional checkboxes that you can select:

  • Allow the signer to add comments in the Sign dialog - if you want the signer to add some text when they sign the document (for example, their purpose in signing) then check this box.
  • Show sign date in signature line - if checked, the signing date will be shown next to the signature.

Once added, the signature line will look like this:

Signature Line

You can add as many signature lines as you want; just repeat the above steps for each one.

How To Sign A Signature Line In Word

When you open a document that requires signing digitally, you will see a signature line, as in the screenshot above. To sign it, right click on the signature line and select Sign.

Sign A Document

To sign a Microsoft Office document, you need a digital ID. If you don't have one, you will be prompted to get one when you try and sign a document. How to get a Digital ID for Word.

Get A Digital ID

If you don't already have a digital ID, the chances are that you may want to just insert a textual representation of a signature line that allows you to place a written (not digital) signature and that doesn't require authentication (unlike a digital certificate).

Read about how to add a textual signature line.