Word 2016 Updates

Microsoft are updating all the programs in Office 2016 constantly, behind the scenes. The updates consist of bug fixes, security enhancements and also new features. Often, you will be working in Word and you will notice that something is different. There will be some new feature available, or the way you perform a particular task may have changed. These differences may be due to the constant updates that Microsoft push to your installation of Word.

You can update Word 2016 within the program itself, or you can let Windows update it automatically.

Install Updates In Word 2016

To install updates manually in Word 2016, click the File tab > Account > Update Options. Refer to the numbers in the following screenshot:

  • Click on Update Now to check for and install now any new updates to Word.
  • Click on Disable Updates to prevent Word 2016 from installing updates automatically. This is useful if you have configured Windows to automatically install Office 2016 updates to all of its programs. Often, organisations will have a policy that strictly controls the updates that are installed. If you are a home user, you will probably want to have Word install updates automatically, though.
  • As you can see from our Word installation, updates are automatically downloaded and installed.