Word 2016 – Remove Password

Passwords can be added to a Microsoft Word document for a variety of reasons. The document’s content might be so important that only certain people may amend it, or it might be for viewing only, regardless of who you are.

It’s pretty easy to remove a password from a Word 2016 document, but you do have to know the original password that was used to protect it. The way to remove this password uses the same process that was used to add it in the first place. Note that if you forget or lose the password, it can’t be recovered. Passwords are case sensitive so make sure that the Caps Lock key is turned off when you enter a password for the first time.

Open the document and enter its password. You won’t see its contents until you do.

Password Protected Document

Once the document is open, click File > Info, to see information about the document. Note that in the Info panel, you can see straight away, by the yellow highlighting, that the document is password protected.