Uninstalling Office 2016

Of course, the Office 2016 Preview did not work on my laptop. And, of course, its presence meant that I couldn’t use my previous version of Office, Office 2013. I tried reinstalling Office 2013, but the installer didn’t like the fact that the 2016 preview was there. So I had to remove the preview.

Easier said than done.

I went down the usual route of clicking the Start button > Control Panel > Programs and Features, finding the preview and clicking Uninstall. After rebooting my machine, however, the preview was still present and Office 2013 was still missing. After the reboot, a “helpful” web page opened giving me advice about how to uninstall hard to get rid of previews!

It suggested I run the Fix It Tool, which I did, and it got rid of the preview successfully.

The hoops that we, The Users, have to jump through because of faulty software…