Word For Android

Installing Microsoft Word on an Android smartphone is a quick and easy affair. On your phone, go into Google Play Store and search for “office for android”, or even “word for android”. When you see an app called “Microsoft Word”, install it. It didn’t take us long to download and install it, it was done in a metter of minutes.

When you start Word for Android you will be asked to sign in, so enter your Microsoft Account details.

Once installed, when you open Word you will see a list of documents you recently worked on in your OneDrive account.

Essentially, there are only two places that Word for Android can access your documents: on your smartphone and in the cloud. You can only access a document on your pc if you previously uploaded it to the cloud – and then, by definition, you aren’t really accessing a document on your pc, it’s actually in the cloud.

You can also create a new document from scratch by tapping the New button at the top of the screen. If you do this, you will see the familiar display you are used to seeing in the desktop version of Word, where you can select a blank page or from a selection of templates.

Click on one and your new document will open.

When you tap into your new document to start writing, your keyboard will appear. We wouldn’t recommend composing a whole document using your smartphone’s cramped keyboard, but it could be done if you were desperate.

Describing how to edit a Word document on your Android phone is a series of tutorials all by itself, so we’ll leave it there for now, and write those tutorials at a later date.